Indian Child Welfare

201 South Muskogee Ave. Tahlequah, OK 74464

State CAPS

State CAPS provides services to Indian families that are involved in the state court system within the Cherokee Nation reservation. These services are designed to help Cherokee families stay connected or to reunite the family unit that has split apart as a result of child abuse by the custodial caretaker.

State CAPS has Child Welfare Specialists who are assigned to specific counties within the Cherokee Nation reservation, to help facilitate the protections afforded tribal families under the Oklahoma and Federal Indian Child Welfare Acts. Services are provided to any child who is a citizen or is eligible for citizenship with the Cherokee Nation and has been removed from his or her parents or caretaker through judicial action. 

For families in the state juvenile court system, and who are living in the jurisdictional boundaries of the Cherokee Nation, State CAPS offer the following services:

  • Active involvement in case and court activities to ensure compliance with the Federal and State Indian Child Welfare Acts.
  • Advocating and/or establishing the safest and most appropriate environment for a child
  • Cherokee Nation referral and networking services for parents and children.
  • Home visits to monitor the placement of children.
  • Recommendations that are in the best interest of child and tribe at court hearings
  • Expert testimony on cases.
  • Education and guidance for state social workers, attorneys, court-appointed guardians, CASA workers and families on the rights and responsibilities of the judicial system to ensure the protection of Cherokee children under federal and state law.