Indian Child Welfare

201 South Muskogee Ave. Tahlequah, OK 74464

Out-of-District CAPS

Cherokee Nation Indian Child Welfare also monitors court cases outside the Cherokee Nation reservation that involve Cherokee children in the foster care system. The out of district unit is involved in child welfare matters for Cherokee children in any judicial system across the United States. Children monitored by out of district CAPS workers must be of Cherokee heritage and be involved in a state court child welfare matter outside of the Cherokee Nation reservation.

Out of district CAPS offer the following services:

  • Monitoring of court case activity to ensure compliance with the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act and other state and tribal laws that provide protection for Indian children.
  • Permanency planning, including placement with relatives and adoption recommendations as needed.
  • Recommendations to the various courts.
  • Expert testimony.
  • Education and guidance for social workers, attorneys, court-appointed guardians, CASA workers and families on the rights and responsibilities of the judicial system to ensure the protection of Cherokee children under federal and state law.